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SLP Series- Legal Updates for SLP
Presented by Office of Walter Haverfield LLC- Kathy Perrico
April 21, 2017
Summit ESC
Room 17 / 19
Legal Updates for the SLP

Graduate Credit through Ashland University available by attending the whole SLP Series
January 17, February 15, March 23 and April 21- cost of graduate credit is $140

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Credit Offered:
3 Contact Hours
1 Graduate Credit from Ashland University
Number of Participants:
5 - 60 people
Questions or Concerns?
Brenda Palinkas
(330) 945-5600 x511234

Registered Participants

Total: 51  Confirmed: 51

11/29/2016 Amanda Hackbarth SLP Cuyahoga Falls Confirmed
11/29/2016 Chris Webb SLP SCESC Confirmed
11/29/2016 Jamie King Speech-Language Pathologist Summit County ESC Confirmed
11/29/2016 RyAnn Heller SLP summit country ESC Confirmed
11/29/2016 Amber Hiszem Speech- Language Pathologist Summit ESC Confirmed
11/29/2016 Stephanie Shorie SLP Summit County ESC Confirmed
11/29/2016 Carrie Spangler Educational Audiologist Summit Educational Service Center Confirmed
11/29/2016 Lauren Hagenbuch Speech Language Pathologist Summit ESC Confirmed
11/29/2016 Krystal Bryndel Speech-Language Pathologist Summit ESC Confirmed
11/29/2016 Marci Minick Speech-Language Pathologist Summit County ESC Confirmed
11/29/2016 Dianne Bertuzzi SLP Tri-County ESC Confirmed
11/29/2016 Katie Lowe Speech-Language Pathologist Norton City Schools Confirmed
11/29/2016 maryanne arnold SLP Norton Confirmed
11/29/2016 Anne Illig Speech/Language Pathologist ESC Confirmed
11/29/2016 Lori Dailey Preschool SLP ESC Confirmed
11/29/2016 Allison Millham Speech-Language Pathologist Manchester Local Schools Confirmed
11/29/2016 Holly McLaughlin Speech-Language Pathlogist Norton City Schools Confirmed
11/29/2016 Mona Marks SLP Cuyahoga Falls Confirmed
11/29/2016 Irene Webster SLP Springfield/ESC and Kent Schools Confirmed
11/29/2016 Allyson Ostetrico SLP Windham Exempted Village Schools Confirmed
11/29/2016 Colleen Romas SLP Coventry Confirmed
11/29/2016 Abby Kassel Coordinator of Student Services Revere Local Schools Confirmed
11/29/2016 Carrie Gates SLP Kent City Schools Confirmed
11/30/2016 Jennifer Hudak SLP Coventry Local Schools Confirmed
11/30/2016 Elizabeth Rissmiller Speech Language Pathologist Medina Christian Academy Confirmed
12/5/2016 Christine Luketic Speech Language Pathologist Revere Local Schools Confirmed
12/13/2016 Dawn Belacic SLP Mogadore Local Confirmed
12/20/2016 Alexandra Hubbard Speech-Language Pathologist Hudson City Schools Confirmed
12/20/2016 Mary Mitchell SLP Maple Heights City Schools Confirmed
1/4/2017 Jeniffer Ruggles Speech-Language Pathologist Wadsworth City Schools Confirmed
1/4/2017 Kim Heflin SLP Field Local Schools Confirmed
1/4/2017 Lauren Bauer SLP Brunswick Confirmed
1/9/2017 Luanne Nowak Speech/Language Pathologist Southeast Local Schools Confirmed
1/9/2017 Nicole Herman Speech-Language Pathologist Brunswick City Schools Confirmed
1/17/2017 Cynthia Lane SLP Cuyahoga Falls Confirmed
2/2/2017 Audrey Baker SLP Coventry Local Confirmed
2/17/2017 Nancy Hall Speech/Language Pathologist cuyahoga falls Confirmed
2/17/2017 Denise Reese SLP Massillon City Schools Confirmed
2/17/2017 Lauren Wright Speech-Language Pathologist Massillon Confirmed
2/22/2017 Angel Kemp Student teacher Massillon City Schools Confirmed
2/22/2017 Kristin Fazio Director SUMMIT ESC Confirmed
2/27/2017 Debi Kasminsky Speech-Language Pathologist Wadsworth City Confirmed
2/27/2017 Kristen Caipen SLP Kent City Confirmed
2/27/2017 Kenda Doyle SLP Wadsworth City Schools Confirmed
2/27/2017 Kristen Nowak Student Services/Preschool Coordinator Summit County ESC Confirmed
2/27/2017 Linda Watt Clinical Liaison KSU Confirmed
3/9/2017 Allison Solberg Speech-Language Pathologist Kent City Schools Confirmed
3/9/2017 Julie Winkler SLP Ravenna Confirmed
3/13/2017 Mary Bennett Student Teacher Mogadore (Student Teacher from KSU) Confirmed
3/13/2017 Melanie Crookston SLP Field Confirmed
3/22/2017 Kara Pietrowski SLP Ravenna Confirmed

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