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SST8 Trauma Informed Care, Train-The-Trainer @ St. George Fellowship, 3204 Ridgewood Rd., Akron 44333
Presented by Melissa McClain, Akron Children's Hospital and SST8 Staff
November 13, 2017
State Support Team Region 8
Off Site
Session 1, November 13, 2017
An Introduction to Trauma
This component covers the basics of trauma, what types of trauma students may face, and how trauma can affect a student’s physical, emotional, and cognitive abilities.
 Managing Trauma in the classroom
This component covers techniques to prevent a trauma based reaction in the classroom and what to do if a child is acting out in the classroom.
Session 2, January 8, 2018
 Increasing Developmental Assets
The workshop will define the 40 Developmental Assets developed by The Search Institute. The Developmental Assets have been proven to increase a child’s cognitive, emotional, and physical well-being. Participants will leave this workshop with a new perspective of the strengths of children and will be provided tools to build resiliency in those they care about the most!
 Recognizing Secondary Traumatic Stress
This component works with the educators to recognize their own compassion fatigue or burnout. It covers techniques for staff to use to relax, keep balance, and continue to help students in need.
Session 3, February 12, 2018
This session will be dedicated planning time for districts, with support from the presenter. Districts will have the opportunity to troubleshoot coaching concerns, plan ongoing support within the district on all topics covered in earlier sessions, and discuss dissemination of this information to all relevant stakeholders within the district.
For Whom:
Districts should send representatives from buildings that are able to bring back, share, and assist in integrating this information into their current PBIS Framework and plan.
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