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SST-8 Internal Monitoring for IDEA Compliance @ St. George Fellowship 3204 Ridgewood Rd. Fairlawn, OH 44333
Presented by Jenine Sansosti, Kathryn Vuchak, Helen Brophy
November 28-29, 2017 and February 5, 2018
9 AM to 3 PM
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ODE’s Office for Exceptional Children (OEC) expects each district or community school to have a process for ensuring that special education documents meet state and federal requirements. Starting this year, corrective action plans for special education services must identify a mechanism for internal compliance monitoring. Join us for three-part series designed to help your district build the knowledge, confidence, and action plan ensuring that all special education personnel master these expectations.
• November 28-29, 2017: Training on OEC's IDEA compliance indicators for ETRs and IEPs (including Indicator 13/Post-Secondary transition) with time for review of sample records and achieve inter-rater reliability; team time for action planning and developing an internal monitoring process including roles, responsibilities, timelines, and other supports.
• February 5, 2018: A follow-up update on IDEA compliance to support ongoing development and implementation of this process, with time to review records or monitoring outcomes with SST-8 support. (Back-up date for inclement weather: Feb 7, 2018)
For Whom:
We encourage districts to send a TEAM of central office, building, and teaching personnel responsible for the development and implementation of an Internal Monitoring process.

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Credit Offered:
15 (for all three days) Contact Hours
Registration is through STARS
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Friday, November 17, 2017
Number of Participants:
20 - 100 people
Questions or Concerns?
Jenine M. Sansosti
(330) 945-5600 x511242
Special Notes:
This training is NOT going to emphasize the changes to the ETR and IEP forms. Please be sure to familiarize yourself will those changes prior to these dates. We will release one or more days for ETR/IEP Form Updates after forms are released by ODE.