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Mathematics: Understanding Geometry Critical Areas of Focus: Part I
Presented by Stephen W. Miller
January 11, 2017
8:00-8:30 registration - 8:30-3:00 class time
Summit ESC
Room 12
This workshop originally scheduled for October 11, 2016.

This is a 2-Day workshop.

In Geometry, mathematics instructional time should focus on six Critical Areas of Focus (CAF): triangle congruence, triangle similarity, two- and three-dimensional formulas, parabolas, circles, and probability. This full day workshop will focus on specific grade level content and how it fits into the student’s progression of learning.

Participants will explore the essential understandings of each of the CAF and explore tasks and pedagogy that will lead to student understanding and skill development. Time will be spent investigating the Ohio’s Learning Standards both for Content and Practices, instruction strategies to enhance student understanding, and application to assessments.

Handouts and resource included. NCTM’s Putting Essential Understanding of Geometry into Practice in Grades 9-12

Part II is scheduled for February 2, 2017.
For Whom:
Geometry or Math II Teachers, Intervention Specialists, Tutors, Coaches, and Curriculum Leaders

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11 Contact Hours
1 service plan day/out-of-county $660
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Friday, January 6, 2017
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10 - 30 people
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Stephen Miller
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10/10/2016 Danielle Wymer Math Teacher Manchester Local Schools Pre-Registered
10/13/2016 Lori Day Teacher Nordonia Hills City Schools Pre-Registered
10/17/2016 Susan Vitko Math Teacher Field Local Schools Pre-Registered
10/20/2016 CAITLIN BAYDA Intervention Specialist Field Local Pre-Registered

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