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Red Flag Implementer Training
February 1, 2018
Summit ESC
Room 12
A Framework and Toolkit for Mental Health Education
Foundational to teaching and learning
Brief and easy to implement
Reproducible mental health information for the whole school community:
Teachers and school staff,
Parents and care-givers
Video based curricula for middle-school students
Flexible, based on the needs of the school
Recommended by the Ohio Attorney General’s Recommendations for School Safety

The Red Flags Training for Implementers introduces school counselors, health teachers, school psychologists and school nurses to the Red Flags Framework and Toolkit for mental health education. Participants will learn how to bring the entire school community together to expand mental health literacy; promote sound mental health habits; and identify, refer, and accommodate students with developing mental health concerns

Participants will:
1. understand the foundational importance of mental health to teaching and learning.
2. review the wide range of materials in the Red Flags Toolkit
3. identify three things they can do right away to begin to establish a culture of mental health in their school

Cost of the Training: $30
Cost of Red Flags Kit: $300 (kit need not be purchased prior to attending training)

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For Whom:
Counselors, Psychologists, Nurses, Classroom Teachers, Social Workers, School Administrators, Parents
Questions or Concerns?
Brenda Palinkas
(330) 945-5600 x511234