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Mental Health and Trauma Series- The Neurobiology of Addiction
Presented by Dr. Nicole Labor
May 10, 2018
Summit ESC
Event Center
Mental Health and Trauma Series- Overview on Drug Addiction

This is part of a 5 part Mental Health & Trauma Series-
September 20, 2017- Overview of Depression/ Anxiety with Suicide Prevention Tools
November 14, 2017- Poverty and Incarceration- Held at the Juvenile Courts (650 Dan Street Akron,Ohio)
January 24, 2018- Child Abuse/ Neglect and Truancy
March 22, 2018- Bullying & Resiliency
May 10, 2018- Overview on Drug Addiction
For Whom:
teachers, guidance counselors, administrators, paraprofessionals, related service providers, all staff

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3 Contact Hours
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8/21/2017 April Frohwerk School Psychologist Springfield Local Schools Confirmed
8/21/2017 Kristen Nowak Student Services/Preschool Coordinator Summit County ESC Confirmed
8/21/2017 Amanda Dudiwka School Psychologist Summit ESC Confirmed
8/21/2017 Mariarosa Gaglio School Psychologist Summit ESC Confirmed
8/21/2017 Jessica Campagna Behavior Specialist Summit Educational Service Center Confirmed
8/24/2017 Heidi Kerchenski Educational Consultant State Support Team Region 8 Confirmed
8/24/2017 Cindy Thompson School Psychologist Kent City Schools Pre-Registered
8/30/2017 Vicki Tsesmelis School Psychologist Summit ESC Confirmed
8/30/2017 Simina Ghiorghie School Psychologist Summit ESC Confirmed
9/7/2017 Beth Kuckuck Children Program Coordinator ADM Board Akron Pre-Registered
10/30/2017 Michele Wilmoth Director Akron Children's Hospital - School Health Services Confirmed
9/15/2017 Melissa Fitzsimmons School Counselor Cuyahoga Falls City School District Pre-Registered
9/20/2017 Deborah Zaluski School Counselor Cuyahoga Falls Pre-Registered
11/6/2017 shannah carino Homeless Liaison Akron Public School Pre-Registered
11/20/2017 Sharon Hurt High School Counselor Manchester Local Schools Confirmed
11/20/2017 Michelle Smith Early Learning Consultant sst8 Confirmed
2/2/2018 Beverly Oaks Behavior Specialist Coventry Schools Pre-Registered
2/16/2018 Carrie Hutchinson Director of Pupil Services Nordonia Hills City School District Confirmed
3/22/2018 Kathleen Sonoda Attendance Coordinator SESC Pre-Registered

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