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GPD Foundation Grant Helps Summit ESC’s Audiology Program Aid Student’s with Hearing Loss

Posted: 12/20/2016

CUYAHOGA FALLS, OH—(Dec. 20, 2016)— Earlier this year, the Summit Educational Service Center (ESC) received a $16,435 grant from the Group Employee’s Foundation, Inc. (GPD) to support its audiology outreach program.

The name of the grant was Hear, Talk and Learn. The grant has helped the audiology outreach program build greater awareness of the impact that hearing loss has on a student’s ability to learn effectively. As a result, there has been an increase for screening and assessing hearing loss within the Summit ESC’s districts.

Through the grant, Summit ESC is able to transport its audiology testing equipment to each district. The equipment allows audiologists to obtain specific screening results for children who are normally difficult to test.

Additionally, the equipment allows the audiologist to validate and adjust hearing technology to ensure students have appropriate acoustic access in their educational settings.

“We are grateful to partner with GPD to maximize auditory access for children who have hearing loss in the Summit County region through strategic assessment, technology and interventions,” said Dr. Carrie Spangler, Summit ESC’s Educational Audiologist. “This grant has served as a springboard to educate districts about the importance of screening, identifying, and interventions for children with hearing loss.”

Dr. Spangler wrote and submitted the grant and has been instrumental in promoting and facilitating the grant.

Kristin Nowak, Ed.S., Summit ESC’s Student Services Coordinator, assisted Spangler in writing the grant and provided valuable input. She also helped to implement the grant. N’ecole Ast, Summit ESC’s Professional Development Director, has also been active in promoting and facilitating the grant.

“We are currently working with 15 school districts to assist students with hearing loss in their educational setting,” said Dr. Spangler. “It’s important for students with hearing loss to have appropriate hearing access in order to effectively participate in their educational environment.”

Dr. Spangler is in the process of putting together a final report on the results of receiving the grant dollars. The report will be submitted on January 27, 2017.

In 2014, GPD Group established a 501(c)(3) medium named the “GPD Group Employees’ Foundation, Inc.” to aid in channeling donations to enrich the kindergarten through 12th-grade public education experience and support children with medical and special needs.

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