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Summit ESC’s Audiologist Takes Mission Trip to Haiti

Posted: 6/30/2017

The Summit Educational Service Center (ESC) is pleased to announce Carrie Spangler, lead educational audiologist, has committed to a making a mission trip to Haiti from July 6-13.

Small teams of dedicated professionals are invited to participate in the transformational change for children with hearing loss in Haiti. This will be Spangler’s second year participating in the project. Her first trip was in June 2015.

“I am looking forward to visiting with the children I met two years ago and meeting new ones,” said Spangler. “It’s my goal to bring hope to the children with hearing loss and help them see that they are valuable and that they can reach their future goals. If I can plant the seed of hope in one or many child(ren) with hearing loss, I feel that transformational change has been made.”

During the trip, Spangler’s team will visit The Haiti Deaf Academy and Haiti Deaf Children’s home where 54 children with hearing loss receive education, food, clothing and support. The team will screen children for hearing loss, re-check hearing aids and identify future early hearing identification partnerships.

“While we are there to screen the children for hearing loss and help identify their needs, our most important job is to serve and love the children,” said Spangler. “I personally understand what it’s like to live with a hearing loss. I believe it’s my greatest asset professionally because I understand firsthand what it’s like to live among others who are capable of hearing. I want the children to be proud of themselves and find the courage to follow their dreams.”

Disabilities in Haiti are rarely discussed and, unfortunately, individuals with disabilities and their families often face shame and social stigma. As a result, the individuals often don’t receive the support they need.

“The Summit ESC is proud to stand behind Carrie as she makes her journey to Haiti,” said Superintendent Joe Iacano. “Her ability to connect and help students across the world is truly inspiring. We wish her luck in her travels and look forward to hearing about her trip.”

The Haiti Deaf Academy is a non-profit organization striving to educate, employ, empower and encourage so that every Haitian child with hearing loss may know and reach their God-given potential.

The academy is continuously accepting donations to support their mission and assist the teams to make frequent visits to assist, educate and provide resources.

For more information or to donate to the Haiti Deaf Academy, please visit