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Kids First/TOPS Programs Receive Bronze Recognition from State in Tier 1 of PBIS

Posted: 8/29/2017

Summit Educational Service Center’s (ESC) Kids First and Transition Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) programs have received a bronze recognition from the State in Tier 1 of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) evidence-based framework.

Last year, Heidi Kerchenski and Stephanie Denham, State Support Team, Region 8’s (SST-8) educational consultants, trained the Kids First/TOPS program’s staff members on PBIS. The program staff members then put PBIS into place for the 2016-2017 school year.

Kids First/TOPS PBIS program’s PBIS framework includes the following three elements: Be Safe, Manage Self and Be Respectful. Teachers use these elements in their classrooms to teach students the positive way to interact in school.

“I’m proud of how the staff and students have taught and learned the code throughout the first year,” said Joe Rohr, program coordinator. “Our behavior/incident reports have shown a decrease from last year. We look forward to continuing the program next year.”

Toward the end of the school year, Kerchenski conducted interviews with Kids First/TOPS staff and students. Individuals who were interviewed include: Stacy David, primary intervention specialist; Lyndsey Nopper, upper primary intervention specialist; Nick Landi, middle school intervention specialist; Tammy Ackerman, secretary; and seventh-grade student Zac Holm.

After the interviews, Kerchenski walked through the programs with Rohr and Jessica Campagna, family liaison and behavior specialist, to observe the Kids First/TOPS programs utilizing PBIS and demonstrating 15 features, including team composition, team operating procedures, behavioral expectations, problem behaviors defined, discipline procedures, professional development, classroom procedures, feedback and acknowledgement, faculty involvement, student involvement, family involvement, community involvement, discipline data, data-based decision making, fidelity data and annual evaluation.

There are three tiers a school can meet, which include: tier one, clearly defined expected behaviors; tier two, efficient and effective way to identify at-risk students; and tier three, individualized support. Since this is the first year the Kids First/TOPS programs participated, they were only able to reach the bronze status in Tier 1.

The programs will receive their recognition at the 2017 Ohio PBIS Showcase at the Mid-Ohio ESC in Mansfield on November 30.

“Congratulations to the entire Kids First/TOPS program’s staff members,” said Superintendent Joe Iacano. “This is a true demonstration of the hard work and dedication of the team. Each of the team members should be proud of the positive outcomes that are resulting from PBIS.” 

The mission of Kids First is to provide children with autism and behavior challenges an individualized learning environment, which will promote each child’s success through academic instruction, behavior intervention and enhancement of social and life skills.

The mission of the TOPS program is to provide students with the opportunity to learn independence, academics, and life skills based on each student's individual needs in a safe learning environment.