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Summit ESC Audiologist Joins Effort to Make a Positive Impact for Students with Hearing Loss

Posted: 9/15/2017

Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, Summit Educational Service Center’s (ESC) Lead Educational Audiologist Carrie Spangler will be a part of the Children’s Hearing and Language Development Resource Network (CHLDRN) of Ohio steering committee to help make a difference for students with hearing loss.

CHLDRN recently received a statewide $100,000 community grant to help children with hearing loss receive early intervention (EI) in a timely manner. The grant was written by The Ohio State University. The purpose of the grant is to pull together and leverage available resources into a coordinated process.

During the year, the committee will meet with parents, providers and agencies to discover the barriers that children with hearing loss face.

“Early intervention services are critical for student success in school,” said Spangler. “If students do not receive timely intervention, they will always be behind. I am fortunate to be a part of this committee to help students and families overcome the barriers they face to reach success. I look forward to sharing what I learn through this process with the Summit ESC team to help our member districts’ students.”

Pending the findings of the meetings, the committee will develop a plan to unify a process to help students with hearing loss receive coordinated appropriate resources that will positively impact them.

“The Summit ESC is committed to proactively discovering resources to help students reach their fullest potential,” said Superintendent Joe Iacano. “Thank you, Carrie, for being a part of this committee. Your hard work and findings will benefit our districts’ students tremendously.”

Children’s Hearing and Language Development Resource Network of Ohio’s mission is to ensure that all deaf and hard of hearing (D/HH) children in Ohio receive optimal services for the communication and development goals that their families determine.