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Summit ESC’s Audiologist and Comedian D.J. Demers Discuss the Importance for Individuals with H

Posted: 11/3/2017

)— Summit Educational Service Center (ESC) Lead Educational Audiologist Dr. Carrie Spangler was recently selected to participate in a YouTube video blog (vlog) as part of D.J. Demers’ Here to Hear Comedy Tour. The tour is sponsored by Phonak, a subsidiary of the Sonova Group and a global provider of hearing aids and wireless communications solutions.

Demers was diagnosed with severe-to-profound hearing loss and has been wearing a hearing aid since the age of four. He is currently wearing a Phonak Naidas aid.

From Oct. 3-Nov. 2, Demers traveled cross-country to shatter stigmas and raise awareness about hearing loss through the power of laughter, and to inform university students with hearing loss how they can receive free hearing technology through their university disability counselors.

Dr. Spangler was diagnosed with hearing loss at the age of four and has since been a user of hearing aid technology. Demers has been doing a vlog at each stop of the tour. She was contacted by Phonak to participate in the vlog during his tour stop in the Akron area on Oct. 24.

During the vlog, Dr. Spangler and Demers discussed why it’s important to advocate for hearing loss as it relates to post-secondary education, finding employment and being independent.

“I enjoyed meeting D.J. and having the opportunity to discuss why it’s important for individuals with hearing loss to stand up for themselves,” said Dr. Spangler. “They need to know and understand that they deserve the same opportunities as individuals without hearing loss.”

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