Summit County Area Media Center

Welcome to the Summit County Area Media Center. We serve the school districts in Summit, Medina, and Portage Counties. Our materials are available for loan to employees of the schools districts only.

General Guidelines

  • There is a four-item limit on books and videos. They may be checked out for two weeks.
  • Technology and instructional materials are limited to one out at a time, and may be checked out for a month.
  • Books, and videos may be checked out for two weeks.
  • It is very important to return materials by the due date given as others are often waiting for these same items.
  • A $5.00 late fee per week will be assessed on items not returned on time.

Specific Guidelines for Assessments/Tests

  • Only two tests/assessments can be checked out at a time
  • Tests/assessments can be checked out for two weeks at a time
  • There is a $5.00 charge, plus the cost of the protocol for each test/assessment
  • You can purchase with cash or a PO from your school district.
  • A $5.00 late fee per week will be assessed on assessments not returned on time.

Items may be borrowed by contacting Alice Doyle (330-945-5600 x511232) or e-mailing her at

Items will need to be picked and returned at the Media Center, unless you are a school district in Summit County. The courier can deliver to your school on the designated delivery day.

For your convenience, an after-hours drop box is available outside of the building for smaller items such as books and videos.

Courier Service

Courier service is available to the schools districts in Summit County:

  • Northern Portion - Monday/Wednesday
  • Southern Portion - Tuesday/Thursday

Receipt of items may be a day later depending on their drop off schedule at your board office. If unsure of what day you receive delivery of materials, please contact the Media Center.

NOTE: Summit County Area Media Center reserves the right to deny access to library materials to individuals, schools, or organizations that abuse our policies.